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At Highway 64 Salvage, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional assistance for motors and car parts. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction for all of our customers. From engine parts to transmissions and everything in between, we have what you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

New & Used Auto & Truck Parts

Highway 64 Truck & Auto Salvage offers many new and used parts for your vehicle. We have everything from body parts, alternators, automatic transmissions, axles, drive shafts, engines, and more. Contact us to find the part you need.

Highway 64 Truck & Auto Salvage has parts for the body of your vehicle, including fenders, hoods, doors, and bumpers. We can paint certain parts to match the paint color of your vehicle. We’ll determine if it is easier to straighten the dents and remove the scratches or put on a new part. We also have auto glass for windows and windshields.

If your alternator is wearing out, you may have trouble starting your car. If it’s completely worn out, it will not start at all. Our experienced mechanics can put in a new alternator to get your car running smoothly again so you won’t have to worry about whether or not the car will start.

When a transmission needs replacing, the car may slip when you shift into drive from park or into reverse or neutral. It also will take longer to accelerate and may jerk or stall when going uphill or taking off following a red light. Highway 64 Truck & Auto Salvage will repair and install new automatic transmissions in any car to extend the lifespan of your vehicle, get it running smoothly again, and save you from other costly repairs.

Few things can make a wheel feel unbalanced or shaky more than an axle that needs replacement. Our auto shop installs new axles for front or back wheels. We put the car up in a lift so we can easily get to the wheels and put the new axles in. This will extend the life of your tires and give you an easier ride in your vehicle.

We also carry drive shafts, a long bar of steel that extends into the rotational torque in a car. One end is connected to the transmission while the other transfers mechanical power from the motor to other parts of the car. We carry well-known brands for just about any type of vehicle.

If your car needs a new engine, it is probably not running very well if at all. While this is an extensive replacement, it can be a cost effective alternative to buying a new vehicle. We have 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines including turbo and fuel efficient engines.
It is essential to be able to see the cars around you, so we have rear view and side view mirrors in our inventory.
An important part for maintaining safe temperatures and moisture levels for the mechanical parts of a car, a bad radiator should be replaced as soon as possible. Highway 64 Truck & Auto Salvage has radiators for many types of vehicles and we can find one to install in yours.
While an alternator and a starter are similar, the alternator turns the car over and the starter fires the engine. We have starters to get your car running again. We have models that adapt to remote start and cold weather conditions.
Ensure that your car moves smoothly over bumps and absorbs shock with our suspension parts. We have them for almost any vehicle.
Our inventory and supplier also has transfer cases, a part of a four-wheel drive system found in this type of vehicle. It connects to the transmission and to the front and rear axles through the drive shafts.
This vital part that brings fuel from the gas tank to the engine and maintains your gas mileage is also available in our shop. Keep your car running well and your fuel working efficiently.
Water pumps circulate coolant or antifreeze in the cylinder head and engine block to cool the engine down. The coolant is then sent to the radiator to be cooled before entering the engine again. We have this essential part for any type of car.
Our auto shop has timing belts for your vehicle to ensure all mechanics of your vehicle do their job when they need to.
We also have oil filters, fuel filters, and air filters for many types of cars.
If your headlights, taillights, or turn signals have been broken or no longer work, we have replacement lights and bulbs. We also have replacement lights for the interior.
For smooth, easy steering, and a straight, secure right at any speed, Highway 64 Truck & Auto Salvage has rack and pinons for many types of vehicles.
If your car is awesome enough to have a sun or moon roof, our shop has the parts to repair it including glass, handles, automatic controls, and the frame that holds it in place.