Parts Installation, Engine Rebuilding, and Glass Replacement in Farmington, NM


Highway 64 Truck & Auto Salvage offers more than just parts. We will install new and used parts on your vehicle. If we don’t have a part in our large inventory, we can order it from our supplier. We also rebuild engines and install glass.

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Auto Salvage
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With over 30 years of experience, Highway 64 Truck and Auto Salvage provides unmatched expertise and selection for all your vehicle needs, from parts to salvaging. Our dedicated team offers personalized assistance throughout the process, ensuring your vehicle gets back on the road efficiently. With a vast inventory of used parts covering every make and model, along with warranties and best price guarantees, trust in our experience to find the perfect part at the best price. Additionally, we offer convenient installation services either on the spot or by appointment for top-quality parts available for all vehicles.

Engine Rebuilding

Highway 64 Truck & Auto Salvage rebuilds engines on just about any type of vehicle. We clean engines to ensure their parts work more efficiently, detect and reseal cracks, resurface blocks, heads, and manifolds, grind flywheels, repair and replace cylinder blocks, resolve crankshaft problems, fix and replace connecting rods and pistons, adjust cylinder heads, and balance parts of the engine.


Our team of mechanics and auto body specialists replaces glass on all vehicles. Whether there is a small chip in the windshield that needs to be filled in or the windshield or window is completely broken, we put in new glass that is made with the most modern technology and crack resistant material. We’ll get you seeing clearly out your windshield again and opening your windows with ease.


Highway 64 Truck & Auto Salvage offers comprehensive towing services that are available to transport you and your vehicle to either our shop, or the shop of your choice. Our tow specialists get your vehicle lifted and moved as efficiently as possible in order to alleviate some of the nuisances that come with getting stranded on the side of the road. No matter where you are in Farmington and surrounding cities, we will meet you there.